Saigon Nightlife Tips

Saigon Nightlife Saigon nightlife is so much fun that people from neighboring countries such as Singapore, China and Malaysia fly to Saigon for the weekend just to party. It is one of the few cities that is fairly lawless whilst remaining very safe. Petty theft is rampant, however there is minimal violent crime towards tourists. […]

Fun Things To Do In Saigon

Fun Things To Do In Saigon Okay, so you can jump on TripAdvisor and quickly find the popular things to do in Saigon. War Museum, Tunnels, Skybar bla bla bla. These common tourist trails are overexposed and the locals you interact with are desensitized to the experience – there to pull in the tourist dollar. […]

Action Junkies In Saigon

Action Junkies In Saigon So you’re travelling through Saigon and visiting museums ain’t cutting it for you? Don’t feel bad for not wanting to be one of the herd. One the best cultural experiences you can have is an activity that you might do in your home country, just instead do it while you are […]